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Choose a qualified lure


Choose a qualified lure

No.1 The ability to transfer gravity

A qualified Lure should have some basic abilities. These basic abilities are gravity transfer capabilities. The design of this part is directly related to whether you can throw or throw far away.


NO.2 Counterweight balance

Lure's own weight distribution is not arbitrary, because it involves whether it can correctly express your willingness to attack. You want to attack the middle and upper layers. The floating type that you come out can actually sink to the bottom. What do you think?

 In any case, you must test the bait when you buy the bait. In case there is a problem with the quality, you can change it! Because some goods are in the process of transportation, the production process may cause damage to the goods.


NO.3 Swimming setting

 A Lure should have its stable swimming performance and design swimming depth. The correct Lure can complete your willingness to attack, otherwise Minnow will swim back in a straight line, or CRANK will 

run back, the error of swimming depth. More than 1 meter, how do you fish with these lures, right?


NO.4 Fixtures

 Most of Lure itself is made of plastic. The device and the traction device of the fixed hook need a certain firmness. Otherwise, the struggling of the medium-sized fierce fish species will cause some Lure body to break and lead. The ring is pulled open and the hook is straightened. Which of these situations do you want to see?


NO.5 Obstacle avoidance

 Many excellent Lures will be marked in a prominent position with the ability to avoid extreme obstacles. Like a racing car, Lure not only has to swim well under the water, but also is not a total accident. This part of the design is in the current counterfeit road. There is no tree in the middle, and the obstacle avoidance ability involves when your Lure hits the stone or trunk under the water, it will dexterously avoid or continue to move forward, your bottoming problem it is closely related to the design of this part.

 The design of the limit avoidance ability is also reflected in your control of Lure. When you want to make a short pause in the movement, it will stop in the place or continue to rush 20 cm before stopping, this with the fish Whether it is appropriate to focus on this part of the design is the relative consideration of the baffle design and the counterweight balance, allowing it to hit the obstacle, but the impact will be different after the collision. There is a Chinese ancient sayings. Because of the instinct protection needs, the fish inhabit the obstacle area. The more complex the obstacle area, the more often the fish are hiding underneath.


NO.6 Accessory use

 The accessories on a Lure body are mainly the connecting ring and the hook. The size of the connecting ring affects the angle at which the hook swings during the road, and the angle affects whether the hook can be in the mouth when the fish attacks the road. At the same time, the mass pull of the hook is also very important. It will affect Lure's swimming posture.


all black and white. The color of lure is said to be sold to people. It is only necessary to pay attention to the selection, if it is for night fishing and turbid water environment, you should choose to paint with a large amount of reflected light. Imagine, under the turbid 2 meters deep water, how much color can be seen, 1 meter deep underwater at night, is there any color can be seen?

 In addition to the basic functions of painting, its anti-destructive ability is the key. One lure is placed in the sun, and the next time it will be discolored or not, when it is thrown into the stone, will it be hit a piece of paint?

 In most predation, fish rely on the lateral line of the body to perceive small changes in the water. This ability is impossible for human beings to learn and empathize.Through the side line to sense and judge the size and movement of the prey, the visual and olfactory assistance launches to decide attack or not, so in the dark night, no fierce guy is hungry!


NO.8 Environmental considerations

 Lure advocates the concept of environmental protection. Now there are fewer and fewer lead weights in Lure products, but there are still small factories that use lead and other metals for cost reasons. In addition, they are excellent in soft baits. The soft insect lures can be naturally degraded in the wild for about 90 days, and will not burden the

NO.7 Painting

 This is one of the most controversial parts. Many of Lures sellers have painted how the cows dazzle things. In fact, this is the biggest ignorance in Lure. It also shows that this lure except the painted nothing to choose from. Among the freshwater fish, only BASS has strong visual and color resolving power, and other multi-colors are weak. Tanggu and squid are environment.

Translator:  Lan Daisy