Jerkbait usage and Precautions
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Jerkbait usage and Precautions


It was originally applied during the winter and early spring, used to deal with ultra low activity bass. At this time, Explosive fishing is hard, so jerkbait usually doesn't give you the thrill of connecting rods.

However, I have used the jerkbait's exploding experience twice. The site is a management pool for shore fishing, one is a relatively weak bass after the birth, and the other is a summer with a high temperature. According to my analysis, the activity of these two fish is not high, and the effect of using other baits during fishing is not good. Instead, the jerkbait of "pump-pump-stop" stimulates the fish's reaction.

The fish in Jerkbait feels very cool.

Now, there are some well-recognized methods and precautions for operating jerkbait. I am hereby hoping that everyone will be flexible in the basic skills (this is very important).

1, jerkbait is suitable for open water, it tends to realistic mimicry and swimming posture, so the work, color, and state of the bait is very important, it is recommended to buy a little bait;

2, jerkbait use more pumping, so do not use too long rods, 6 feet 6 (about 2 meters) or below is more suitable;

3, try to use thin lines, can be more concealed, can also reduce the impact on the suspension state of the bait;

4, don’t use pins, don’t use pins, don’t use pins!!! This weight will also destroy the suspension state;

5. When using, take "pump-pump-stop" as the main, pay attention to find your own rhythm, you can match a small amount of flat rolls;

6, because the fish is mainly used for fishing cold water, the overall operation of jerkbait tends to be slow;

7. Keep a certain dotted line when drawing the bait, and don’t completely tighten the line;

By the way, the fish in jerkbait feels very exciting, and it is used to open up the water, it is not easy to hang the bottom, you can buy a little expensive Jerkbait when you buy it and then try it out.