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our crankbaits

our crankbaits



Crankbaits fall under the category of power fishing lures, because of how much water you can cover with them in a short amount of time. This is a significant advantage to fishermen looking to locate and catch fish quickly, like tournament anglers for example. Following below are several top sale crankbaits in our company:

VC01: This crankbait names Bitter Lime Perch. Swimming with the fat fish-like movement, adding with the trolling from the fisher. It seems like a juicy dinner that lures perch to bite its green body.


VKR68-Rattle: This crankbait names Tiger Blaze. Its name like it eyes, swiming with the tiger-like sight, it seems to be provocative. It also makes sound to inform the predator around.


JJ01: This product is our own design, and top rated for our product catalog. It’s not just looks special for its figure, also water killer that gain many customers’ thumb.


G0-CM003: This is a kind of floating crankbait. It swims with reflective light that due to our electroplating procedure. This item contain six different colors, each one contain their own attraction for the bass.

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