Minnow imitates the small fish that nature can see. Popper's head is relatively large, usually concave or beveled, to hit the surface of the water to stir up the splash. The head of the wave is light and heavy, and when it is still in the water, it floats on its head and feet. Popper hits the water over the water surface and relies on sound to attract fish. Minnow swings underwater and traps fish by swimming and reflecting. Jerkbait belongs to the minnow and it is a kind of suspension bait. The biggest feature of this type of lure is that it is relatively slow in swimming and can be suspended in water. It is especially suitable for low water temperature and low activity environment.
As for our Crankbait, we provide normal shape like a round and short juicy fish, lipless crankbait, LED bait, rattle crankbait, also our own design like JJ01 and KG54(we call it KingKong). It contain floating and sinking in different water class, attract fishes from different places.

Swimbait refers to jointed bait, it contain single-jointed and multi-jointed bait. While the water flow smoothly touching its body, it swing its jointed body just like a real fish. Adding the vivid fish-like printed color, it just looks like a fresh and careless dinner of the predator.

Softbait general uses the PVC material which makes it soft, like worm, shrimp, corn, crab and some soft fish. We use a fishing hook pierce its body then tolling it as if it alive. When the fish hit the lure, it tastes soft. The next bite, we get it. And it is recyclable and durable.

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