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As you can see, our skilled worker is assembling the unpaid plastic mold with steel balls that can make the sound that attracts its predator and 8 shape loops that connect with the hooks and head loop.

The video shows us as the Crankbaits Manufacturers worker is applying glue and polishing the junction which can prevent water leakage. This kind of manual operation would be more flexible than a unified machine operation and a lower failure rate.

Our well-trained workers would first hang the lures on the batten, then spray paint with a small gun. This working procedure has been trained over decades which makes our spray painter an incomparable master.

Workers are doing the packing work, Installing eight-character circle, and the hook for every lure.

This is the process to have the weight and hologram into the plastic body so that the bait will have correct swim action when casting into the sea.

It refers to the process of scrape off the extra plastic little parts after sonic welding. After that, the two plastic parts will look like combined with each other closely and naturally. We will also have the pressure test and water leakage test to make sure our bait is perfect.

Which is the process of painting desired colors and patterns on the bait surface with special oxidized pigment after plating or hot stamping. In order to make sure pigment will attached to the body firmly, the coating oil will be covered by each bait after the painting tested and being qualified.

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