What are main products to ?
Is mainly supplying rapala popper fishing which is a key product. This could be clear shown by sales. The "Product" page makes it clear about the main products. The product features are available there. In regard to financial figures about the main products, a specific requirement should be made to us.

Our business covers a wide range of bass lures market concerning small fishing lures and small fishing lures . has created a number of successful series, and swimbait is one of them. The raw material of Chongqing XIN-V Technology Co., Ltd jerkbait lures actively complies with international green specifications. Crank baits and Jerk baits can be applied to river, reservoir pond, ocean, lake and so on. Different kinds of baits including crank bait, soft bait, swim bait, jerk bait and so on. . XIN-V creates sales support for customers.

XIN-V has great ambitions to win the main market of bass lures. Please contact us!
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