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Wooden bait making process


Wooden bait making process

The use of wood to make lure bait is not much, simple and practical. The whole process of making the following is introduced as follows.


1, The harder the material used for the wooden lure, the better. Such Lurebait is durable. And prepare the semicircle and the small saw

2, Cut the wood into the required length, a slightly larger width and a thickness slightly larger than 1/2 (two pieces become one piece). Find a flat surface for each piece, sand it on the sandpaper placed on the glass, and sketch the desired pattern on a piece of wood. Then, according to the graphic needs, let the hooks and the fish line are connected, and the bones of the bait are made of stainless steel wire.

3, Trim the half of each bait with a small saw and a semi-circle to trim the approximate bait shape. And according to the stainless steel wire, the bones of the bait are carved into small grooves on the wood chips. Then draw the size of the lead to be placed on the wood chip.

The role of lead is 1, Make the bait reach the envisaged weight. 2, Fix the state of the bait in the water. (When the volume of lead is greater than 1/9 of the volume of wood, it becomes a diving bait)

4, After the groove with the lead is dug, put the bones and lead into the wood chip, adjust the depth of the groove so that the two pieces of wood can be smoothly closed, let the groove is deeper, and the big point can be filled with adhesive. The picture below shows a picture of the groove ready for bonding, and the adhesive.

5, Quickly adjust the adhesive according to the instructions of the 302 adhesive. The two pieces of wood to be bonded are coated with the adhesive and quickly loaded into the bones and lead. The two pieces are quickly closed and pressed tightly After one day of curing, remove the bonded wood chips as shown below。

6, the bonded wood chips are processed into the shape of the bait with a small saw and a semi-circular shovel, and sanded and smoothed with sandpaper. The two 20 gram baits can be colored and coated with colorless and transparent according to personal preference. Protective paint.