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RD department 3D drawing design
The 3D software we used: Pro / E, solidworks, Auto CAD, UG NX 8.0, 3D Max.Talent: 7 professional engineers
Design drawing time: 3-7 daysPrototype time: 3 daysMolding time: 15-25 days

Assembly Process
    Assemble hardware for plastic unpainted body
part and combinate them with ultrasonic machine

The ultrasonic
6 ultrasound instruments are on standby
Vibration frequency over 20KHz
Precise shape and scale ultrasonic mold
Ultrasonic bonding provide 100% of watertightness

1. Scrape: Remove the irregularities on the fish back and fish belly by hand or by machine.
2. Glue:Make the ultrasound-finished fish body more stable by dispensing glue.
3. Polishing:Make the fish look smoother.

Spray white base oil
Our well-trained workers would first hang the lures on the batten, then spray paint with a small gun.
This working procedure has been trained over decades which make our spray painter as incomparable master.

painting color oil/print
Apply the desired color and pattern to the bait surface with special oxidizing pigments after plating or hot stamping.
Blank body is also available for exclusive design.

The packing
Perfect combination of headband, hook and body. Put it right in the blister box.


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